FREE Home Theater or TV Installation
Consultation in Orange County, CA

Cinemize Offers Affordable Home Theater Installation and 3D, Plasma, LCD, and LED TV Installation for Residents and Commercial Businesses in Orange County, CA.

Our professional home theater installers will conduct a free in-home consultation to sit down with customers and discuss the audio and video equipment that will work best with the specific design of their home. Other companies may charge $100 for an in-home consultation.

Cinemize home theater installers will also conduct a pre-installation site survey before starting the installation to confirm with customers the installation process and the desired location for their home theater system. Once this has been confirmed, we will install their home theater system.

Cinemize will patch and texture any holes made during the installation process. This included with the purchase of any 3D, Plasma, LCD, LED, or home theater installation. Also included, we will remove all empty home theater equipment boxes and recycle any old electronics.

Finally, we will demonstrate and teach customers how to use their new home theater system with ease so they can enjoy an amazing entertainment experience from the comfort of their own home.