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FREE In-Home Consultation

Professional Home Theater Installation Consultation

Cinemize offers a free in-home consultation that gives you the opportunity to get all of your home theater installation questions answered and bring your home theater vision to life. Our professional Orange County home theater installers will come to your home or office and perform a complete walk-through to determine feasibility in all installation areas. We will sit down with you to discuss every aspect of the project and determine the products and services you need. We will suggest a TV or projector that will be the best solution within your home or office structure. Our installers will help you select the finest speakers and will install them in the correct locations, producing optimal surround sound. We will recommend the best audio video surround sound receiver that will integrate with all of your home theater equipment to give you the entire movie experience within your own home.

Our Orange County home theater installers will provide expertise on furniture placement and room set-up for the most optimal audio and video. If you hire a contractor or interior designer, our installers will integrate their design plans in with ours to produce the home theater of your dreams. With our expertise in home theater products and installation services, we will offer the best solution to owning your new home theater.

Our FREE in-home consultation ensures we can provide the best pricing and service for your custom home theater design and installation package. Our goal is to design your dream home theater with quality products and services for an affordable price.