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Home Theater Installation

Professional Home Theater Installation Services in Orange County

Cinemize home theater installers will conduct a home theater installation site survey upon arrival at your home. We will set-up and connect your new and existing audio video components with neatly dressed wires, and calibrate your surround sound system for optimal sound.

We include calibration with the purchase of any home theater installation service. Many people are unaware of the numerous settings required to produce optimal sound for your home theater. If you install your home theater equipment yourself by following a manual, your home theater system is only producing about 30% of the optimal sound. Cinemize installers use professional equipment and our experience to calibrate your system correctly, so you can enjoy 100% of your home theater sound. There are several audio video receivers on the market that claim to calibrate your home theater system with the microphone that is included, but these microphones are extremely inaccurate. We use sophisticated equipment to calibrate your home theater and verify that all speakers are properly positioned and working. Calibrating your home theater system is included when you purchase a home theater installation service in Orange County from Cinemize.

We will demonstrate operation of your new home theater and ensure we make it easy for you to use. Our home theater installers will remove any empty boxes, packaging materials, and clean up all installation debris. We will also pick up and recycle your old TV and any audio video components for FREE.