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Home Theater PCs & Media Players Installation

Professional Home Theater PC Installation Services in Orange County

Cinemize home theater installers will conduct a home theater installation site survey upon arrival at your home. We will install your new or existing HTPC home theater PC/computer with your home theater or TV. Our Orange County installers will load and configure all appropriate software and set-up your HTPC for you to store all DVD and Blu-Ray movies onto hard drives. This will create a complete movie management system that displays movie cover art, synopsis, and other detailed information. You will now have access to your own movies on demand and will no longer have to store all your DVD and Blu-Ray movies on bookshelves. This will ensure the safety and protection of your expensive movie collection and also save you a lot of unnecessary storage space.

Your home theater PC can also be set up as music and picture gallery management system, allowing you and your entire household to store all of their music and pictures in one location where you can access it from the touch of a universal remote control. The system allows for easy access to applications, such as Netflix, Pandora, and many more.

Cinemize home theater installers will demonstrate operation of your new home theater PC or media player so you can enjoy the experience of a movie theater within your own home. Our installers will remove any empty boxes, packaging materials, and clean up all installation debris. We will also pick up and recycle your old PC/computer, and any audio video components for FREE.